Welcome to TaurShare

A revolution in public transportation.

Zero emissions. Zero hassle. Zero bullshit.*

Dreamers Wanted

Ready to launch your career? We are always looking for motivated, go-getting taurs to join us. Figuratively and literally you will need a strong stomach for this exciting opportunity. Set your own hours and be your own boss as a non-exempt independent contractor.

Next Stop: Sustainability

It's time to face the facts: You're destroying the planet. Your carbon footprint is unconsciably massive if you own a car, and traditional ridesharing services are no better. TaurShare is a truly zero carbon transportation method that allows you to travel in style, and still be eco minded. So sit back, order up a taur, and enjoy the ride.

In Case of Digestion

We aren't perfect. We're on the bleeding edge of transportation technology, and sometimes accidents are inevitable. We aren't going to leave you behind though. If you are the relative of a passenger that has been digested by one of our taurs, simply contact our customer support team to be provided with a complimentary voucher for one free Taurshare ride. Be prepared to provide a death certificate, and proof of blood relation, marriage, or civil union to the customer service rep.

About Us

TaurShare LLC is a subsidiary of Foxgut. Use of TaurShare is contingent on accepting the Terms and Conditions, Acceptable Use Policy, Privacy Policy, GPDR Compliance Notice, Death and Dismemberment Waiver, Reasonable Access Control policies, Copyright Notice, and Core Manifesto for Deregulated and Free Businesses. TaurShare reserves the right to ammend these documents without notice. You agree to not initiate legal action or leave bad reviews for our service for any reason. TaurShare is an equal opportunity employer: Some trans person slapped this website together for us, that counts, right? Copyright, trademark, patented, and trade secreted TaurShare LLC 2020.

*No Bullshit claim does not apply to male bovine taurs.